Rising From the Ashes – Surviving California Wildfires

Every so often a story brings tears to your eyes because it causes you to pause and remember why you do what you do. This email from one of our customers, Stefanie, is one of those stories. Stefanie, along with so many others, has lost everything in the Northern California wildfires. Devastated by a terrible loss, Stefanie shares how her Lillian & Co. bracelets brought her hope to build again:

Hi there,

I can not express how much I love your bracelets. I am a huge Disney fan and was able to buy four of the bracelets so far in rose gold. “It’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow,” “Adventure is Out There,” “Wandering Free,” and “To Infinity and Beyond.” All these have a meaning close to my heart. I have been going to DisneyWorld, Disneyland, and Disneyland Paris since I was 2. I’m now 31 and to have these bracelets that I can wear on a daily basis keeps Disney close to me when I am not at a Park.

On October 8th, I was among 3,500+ that lost their homes to the Northern California Wildfires (Santa Rosa, Coffey Park to be exact). I never thought in my life I would ever have to say that. Once the fires were out and our neighborhood was “safe” for us and our neighbors to go sift through the ashes, we were there for hours, to find something of our memories. I of course, looked for anything I could find but with how insane the fires were, most things were melted and unrecognizable. Until I found some of my jewelry. Not just any jewelry but my four Lillian&Co. bracelets. I cried. Yes, they were badly burnt and bubbled but I could read each quote perfectly.

After hours of sifting, we returned to my parents house where we have been staying. I took medium steel wool and scrubbed these bracelets for almost an hour. My mom said why not take them to a jeweler and see if they can clean them. Many jewelers in town were cleaning fire victims jewelry for free. I took them to a jeweler down the street two weeks ago and I finally got them back today. I cried again.

The jeweler said that these were sturdy bracelets! I said I think they have a little Disney Magic as well.

I want to thank you for what you guys do. Finding these bracelets gave me hope. I know this is a story you don’t receive on a daily basis. But again, I want to thank you. We will rise from the ashes and live a great big beautiful tomorrow.

-Stefanie Puckett

Oh, Stefanie! Our hearts are broken for your loss, but we are grateful that you and your family are safe. Your spirit is so strong, beautiful, and we know you’ll rebuild. Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful story of hope!


We were able to replace all of Stefanie’s bracelets and we sent her a Hope bracelet to believe that she and her family will be able to rebuild.


I just wanted to check in with you! After five weeks of living with my parents, we finally moved into an apartment last Saturday! I want to, of course, thank you for your kind words of hope, it really has gotten us through this horrible situation. I, of course, have been wearing my amazing bracelets and I am wearing the HOPE one today. 
All three of us say THANK YOU and have a beautiful holiday season!
You can find Stefanie on Instagram: @apoisonappleandabook

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