Dreamer Series: Jayne Williams

Our Dreamer Series features entrepreneur women who–in spite of fear, doubt, and insecurities–pursue a life of their dreams. These women work every day to become better versions of themselves. In turn, they make this world a better place for everyone. The world needs to hear their stories and see their light shine. That way, we can find the courage and passion to do the same in our own lives. Today’s Dreamer Series features health and wellness influencer, Jayne Williams.

After struggling with health issues and finding health through nutrition, Jayne Williams of Jayne Williams Wellness has committed her life to pursuing health and wellness for herself, her family, and others.

In our interview with Jayne, she shares her passion for her dreams. This includes how her Lillian & Co. bracelets, her “armspiration”, inspire Jayne to keep going.

Jayne Williams of Jayne Williams Wellness

Charity: “So, Jayne, our Dreamer Series is all about sharing your story of pursuing your dreams to give hope and encouragement to others longing to pursue theirs. Tell us about the big dreams you’re going after.”

My dream is to empower others to live their healthiest, happiest version of themselves. I have been very blessed to find this in my life. With every fiber of my being, I know I was made to make this my life’s work. It’s a calling, a purpose… a full-on passion.

Jayne Williams of Jayne Williams Wellness

Charity: “Have you always been working toward these dreams? Has there been a time when you were stuck, lost, or discouraged when it came to living the life you desired?”

I believe this is my God-given purpose. However, I didn’t have a clear path to this purpose until I had walked through my own challenges. Without challenges in life, we can’t have a story. Within that story, we can truly begin to walk in the light–our purpose. When you eat, sleep, breathe, and most importantly own your story, you can make an impact and directly affect change in the world.


Charity: “What fuels this passion? What keeps you going and not giving up?”

Finding health changed everything. It’s something I will never forget, since I carry it with me every day. I know I have so much to share with others, and to empower others to live a happy, healthy, whole life. I can’t ignore it, and I know I would be doing a disservice to myself and others if I didn’t share. I want to affect positive change. After all, isn’t that what we are here to do?


Charity: “How do you approach the days you do feel unmotivated, afraid, or discouraged? What are some ways you care and show grace for yourself on those days?”

I remind myself that I am human. It’s ok to feel that way. However, I cannot allow fear to guide me. I must keep pushing forward in faith. Prayer is so important. Having faith in God drives me when insecurities creep in. Surrounding myself with positive messaging is also incredibly important. My Lillian & Co. bracelets are a constant reminder to always walk in faith, to know who you are, to stand tall, and that tomorrow is a new day. The best is yet to come.

Jayne working on a laptop with her dog sitting on the couch

Charity: “What is one piece of advice you’d give to someone who feels like they don’t have dreams? Or to someone who feels discouraged or lost?”

I would encourage them to look from within. We all have dreams and a God-given purpose. We just need to tap into it. Connect with who we are and allow ourselves to feel, heal, and walk through it. When we tap into that space of owning our story and bringing what’s holding us back into the light, we will find our purpose.

A casual photo of Jayne Williams of Jayne Williams Wellness

Charity: “We want our Lillian & Co. jewelry to be an inspiration to have the courage to keep going after the life we desire. So, what are you favorite Lillian bracelets to wear? What do they mean to you?”

Which one isn’t? I love them all. My goal is to have Lillian & Co. bracelets all the way up my arm. I will call it my “armspiration”.

Seriously, I love my “You Know Who You Are” bracelet so much. I practically bought one for everyone I know. The quote is such an important reminder to get back to basics. Prioritize connecting with yourself. Remember that you are truly amazing.

I also love my “Go Live Your Dream” bracelet. It’s a beautiful reminder that you are the only one stopping yourself from living your purpose. So, get out of the way and just do it. Faith over fear!

Best Day Ever” is another favorite of mine. This quote is such positive, uplifting, inspiring messaging. Every single day, you have the choice to make it the best day. Yesterday is gone. Make it the best day today.


Charity: “Where can people find you online and connect with you?”

People can find me at www.jaynewilliams.com. Feel free to connect with me on FacebookInstagram, or my website. I’d love to hear from you and empower you to live your happiest, healthiest YOU.

Jayne working on a laptop wearing her Lillian & Co. jewelry

We hope you’ve been inspired by our Dreamer Series interview with Jayne Williams. Be sure to follow Jayne on social media, and stay tuned for more interviews with incredible women in our Dreamer Series!

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  1. Eva Rumble says:

    Watching Jayne step into her God-given purpose has been a beautiful thing to witness. Her heart is so full of love for helping others. Jayne is such an amazing example of integrity, thoughtfulness, love and humility. She is helping so many to learn core health values. I totally trust Jayne, and I can’t wait to see what lies ahead in her future!

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