Dreamer Series: Brooke Thomas

Our Dreamer Series features entrepreneur women who–in spite of fear, doubt, and insecurities–pursue a life of their dreams. These women work every day to become better versions of themselves. In turn, they make this world a better place for everyone. The world needs to hear their stories and see their light shine. That way, we can find the courage and passion to do the same in our own lives. Today’s Dreamer Series features Brooke Thomas.

Brooke is a dreamer who is living her life out loud. She’s passionate, vibrant, and full of life. Her sole desire is for women to discover their purpose and to live that purpose with wild abandonment, and it shows in everything she does.

Living Out Loud with Brooke Thomas

Charity: “So, Brooke, this Dreamer Series is all about sharing your story of pursuing your dreams to give hope and encouragement to others longing to pursue theirs. Tell us a little bit about your dream and how you pursue it daily.”

My dream is to help women step into who they were created to be and live out their true purpose in this life. It was s a dream I held first for my daughters — they are my inspiration. I wanted them to learn to walk in their true calling and to be as healthy and happy as possible. Over time, it became clear that I want this for every woman. I try to live this dream daily by making choices to encourage and share love to every single woman that is in my world. I believe in cheering on our sisters in life and helping them to understand that they matter. I believe that every single person is created for a unique purpose. Moreover, I believe that every single person has a special gift that the world needs.


Charity: “I know you have a passion for helping women step into their purpose. Where does this passion come from? Was there a pivotal moment in your life that ignited this passion?”

Yes, I am a reformed people pleaser. I lived so much of my life not understanding my purpose or why I was here. It wasn’t until I was 26 years old and diagnosed with cancer while I was pregnant with my first daughter, that I understood clearly. We have one life, and we have to live it fully. I didn’t know that my gift was going to be able to serve me in business as much as it has. My gift has always been encouraging others and seeing the best in others, even when they can’t see it. I can now use this to help other women step more into their purpose in this life. I first realized that this idea could be a business when I started to see purpose grow in others and witness the success of others because of it. It was at that point when my passion was ignited like never before. Now, I am not stopping until every woman learns to live out loud.


Charity: “Have you always been working toward these dreams? Or has there been a time in your life when you were stuck, lost, or discouraged when it came to living the life you desired?”

The darkest moment for me came when skin cancer threatened the dreams I had for my family. I have never felt that kind of drop-to-your-knees fear. That was really the spark for my personal growth. Still, for a very long time, I didn’t feel qualified enough to live the life I dreamed. I carried my physical scar from my cancer removal surgery like it was a mental one. But I believe that God qualifies the called… I might not have been qualified, but I was called to do what I am doing. Nothing will ever stop me now.


Charity: “Do you ever feel unmotivated, afraid, or discouraged? What are some ways you care and show grace for yourself on those days?”

Yes. I realized that when I eat unhealthy, I feel bad. I believe that food absolutely affects our mood. Also the people you surround yourself with really has an impact on you. I have rid my life of toxic people that were holding me back and telling me what I couldn’t do. I make sure that I stick to a tribe of amazing and encouraging people that I know have my back, front, and sides. When I feel discouraged, they will speak life into me. I also make sure I take time to renew my mind daily through the Bible and other books that are very life-giving. I also don’t ever shy away from self-care. I believe if you are worn out and you need a massage or good hair blow out… go for it! Take care of you. For me, sometimes it’s extra time with my husband or kids, or being outside. So, I make sure to always have balance.


Charity: “We want our Lillian & Co. jewelry to be a daily inspiration to pursue the life we desire. So, what are your favorite Lillian bracelets to wear and what do they mean to you?”

Best Day Ever” because I believe every day can be the best day ever. This is only possible if we chose to learn from our mistakes and embrace everything as a lesson. Setbacks are just another step to get us to where we need to go.

A few of my other favorites also really speak to my philosophy of living out loud. “You’re Braver Than You Believe“, for example, speaks for itself. I didn’t always feel brave, but all of us truly are braver than we believe.

Go Live Your Dream” because life is to short not to, right?


Charity: “Where can people find you online and connect with you?”

You can find me on Facebook at LiveOutLoudwithBrooke where I share daily bits of inspiration and the strategies that help me Live Out Loud. I’m also on Instagram at @LiveOutLoudBrooke.


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