Dreamer Series: Chelsea Watson (@StyledByMagic)

Our Dreamer Series features entrepreneur women who–in spite of fear, doubt, and insecurities–pursue a life of their dreams. These women work every day to become better versions of themselves. In turn, they make this world a better place for everyone. The world needs to hear their stories and see their light shine. That way, we can find the courage and passion to do the same in our own lives. Today’s Dreamer Series features Disney influencer, Chelsea Watson.

For the past several years, Chelsea Watson has mixed her love of fashion with the magic of Disney. Chelsea, also known as Styled by Magic on Instagram, shares unique ways to bring style, comfort, and whimsy into the parks. She has grown her personal Instagram account to over 63K loyal followers, and she blogs her Disney tips on a regular basis.

I recently connected with Chelsea to chat more about her passion, dreams, and the hard work she invests to make them become her reality.

Style, Magic, and Chelsea Watson

Charity: “Chelsea, you’re doing an amazing job growing your personal brand online. Tell us a little bit about your dream. Is this something you’ve wanted to pursue for awhile? How did you decide to focus on your brand?”

Thank you so much. It has definitely been a labor of love. I’ve put my all into it. I like to think of my dream as a tree. I look at my dream as something that has many branches, but all the branches work together in supporting the tree. Essentially, my dream is to make people happy and to see happiness in even the smallest things. For me, it’s to create and to be a part of something that, at the end of the day, helps people forget about the negatives in life. I hope to one day be designing products that add magic to people’s lives and do it in a personally heartfelt way. It’s surreal to think of where I am now. I don’t think I would be here if I didn’t make a promise to myself to always stay kind, genuine, and to just be myself. More than anything, I’d say my brand is about being yourself. I think people can see my genuine love for everyday magic and happiness.


Charity: “Sometimes people think growing a personal brand must be easy and doesn’t require much work. But we know to build anything requires work, even if it’s work you enjoy. Can you give us a little insight into the work that goes into building a personal brand?”

Growing a successful brand doesn’t happen overnight. My brand is something I’m still working on and growing. It has been an everyday, full-time job for over a year now. When building a brand, it’s important to stay consistent. For me, that means posting daily on social, planning content for the days and weeks to come, then shooting and editing that content. It means writing blog posts and responding to emails. But most importantly—keeping that genuine and personal connection to the people who support you. It’s a high priority to me that the people who follow me know I care about them and appreciate them. I want them to feel heard when they take the time to send thoughtful messages or comments. However, you can do all of that and none of it matters unless you are truly yourself.


Charity: “Do you ever feel unmotivated, afraid, or discouraged? What are some ways you take care of yourself and keep moving forward on those days?”

They say “comparison is the thief of joy.” That’s very true. By nature, I’m a very driven and ambitious person. Once I set my sights on something, I work very hard to see it through. I always say, I’m my own worst critic. I’m extremely hard on myself. I hold myself to a level of expectation that I don’t expect of others. So, if anything, sometimes it’s myself who gets in the way of staying motivated. I’m my own biggest competitor, and I am always trying to do and be better than I was the day before. It’s natural and normal to get into ruts. Thankfully, I’ve yet to lose inspiration, and I really have to thank my supporters for that. They are a big part in keeping me motivated—even when anxiety about not being good enough gets in the way.


Charity: “Do you have any advice for someone who’s wanting to start blogging or grow a social media following?”

I can’t say enough that there is only one YOU. YOU are who people will connect with. So, when doing anything on social media or online, it’s important to stay true to yourself. If you’re sharing and doing the things you love, people will notice.


Charity: “We want our Lillian & Co. jewelry to be a daily inspiration to pursue the life we desire. So, what are your favorite Lillian bracelets to wear, and what do they mean to you?”

I have so many favorites. But the 3 bracelets I find myself reaching for daily to really help build me up are “You’re Braver Than You Believe”, “Have Courage and Be Kind”, and “Don’t Just Fly, Soar”.

You’re Braver Than You Believe” – This bracelet is my strength. I have struggled with depression and anxiety and it can be very lonely. Sometimes my head wants to try and convince me of things that aren’t true. “You can’t do this.” “You won’t succeed.” The list goes on. I wear this bracelet to combat everything that is hard for me to face. I have more to say on this topic, and I will be sharing it in a blog post soon.

Have Courage and Be Kind” – This is fundamentally the saying I try to live by. It’s so simple, yet when acted out, you will glow from within.

Don’t Just Fly, Soar” – This one kind of goes back to chasing dreams and doing all you can to achieve them. Dumbo is my favorite character, so it’s always the little magic I need to remember that doing something half-way isn’t going to cut it.


Where can people find you online and connect with you?

Instagram: @styledbymagic
Twitter: @styledbymagic
Email: [email protected]

Be sure to follow Chelsea on social media, and stay tuned for more interviews with incredible women in our Dreamer Series!

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