Fab Five F’s for Life: Fitness

When it comes to finding improving your quality of life, one of the Fab Five F’s areas we believe is important to focus on is fitness. Our health is one of the free gifts we were given at birth and there’s no amount of money that can replace it when it’s gone.

We get one body to live in while we’re here on earth, so learning small ways to treat our physical, mental, and emotional health like a priceless treasure will create a much happier and enjoyable life.

Looking for some inspiration to get you started? Download our FREE Fitness worksheet and mobile wallpaperS.

Download Mobile WallpaperS:

  • Press and hold image (or right click on desktop)
  • Click Save image

Download and Print Worksheet:

  • Click here (the image will open in a new window)
  • Click File > Print
  • To save, click save page as (or right click, save image as)

Plus, here are some resources we think you’ll find helpful:




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