Fab Five F’s For Life: Friends

Humans need connection. We are wired for community and relationships. One of the most dangerous places to live is locked in the prison of loneliness. One of our Fab Five F’s for life is Friends. Healthy and true friendships are important to experience a long and happy life.

To have good friends, one must first be a good friend. Becoming more intentional with the person you are with the people you care about, paying attention to how you treat others, and how you allow others to treat you will raise the quality of friendships you hold.

Keep showing up for yourself and those you love and watch more amazing people come into your life!

Looking for inspiration on how becoming a better friend? Download our FREE Friendship worksheet and mobile wallpapers.

Download Mobile Wallpapers:

  • Press and hold image
  • Click Save image

Download and Print Worksheet:

  • Click here (the image will open in a new window)
  • Click File > Print
  • To save, click save page as (or right click, save image as)

Plus, here are some resources we think you’ll find helpful (they’re the same as our Family post):




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