Own Your New Year’s Goals with These Free Downloads.

Here we are standing on the threshold of another year. Most of my life, I’ve had an aversion to New Year’s resolutions, probably because I knew I wouldn’t keep them, so I’d rather not set myself up for failure. Even now, I try not to set too many expectations of change for myself, but there’s a certain allure to the New Year. It sings of a new beginning, a fresh start. It reminds us of all the possibilities of a brighter future. A new year is an invitation to leave the past failures behind and embrace future successes.

In recent years, I’ve found myself setting goals and making new promises to myself in hopes of growing as a person. It’s usually in this juncture we want to burn last year’s mistakes and drama like our ex’s hoodie. But before we can move on and embrace the future, we must first pause and accept the past.

It’s so important that you acknowledge the good, bad, and ugly, and in some way be thankful for it all, because those are the things that have gotten you to where you are. They’re what has made you stronger and more compassionate, so whether your year was a home run or a crash and burn, you’re better for the lessons you’ve learned. It’s in the accepting the bad and celebrating the good that allows you to move forward.

Before you write down one goal for 2019

Take a few minutes to reflect your past year. You can download our FREE simple Reflections worksheet here.

Moving Forward

Now, that you’ve accepted and let go of last year, it’s time to envision a better version of yourself. Remember this is never about perfection, just progress. It’s not about changing every area of your life all at once. It’s picking one or two small things that you can change to take a tiny step in the right direction. Then, the more tiny steps you take in the right direction, the more successful your life will be. So, instead of setting a goal of saving $10,000 by Christmas, it’s the small step of opening a savings account and depositing 1% of your income. If you can survive on 100% of your paycheck, then you can make it on 99%. It’s not trying to lose 1000 pounds by your best friend’s wedding, it’s small steps, like drinking more water and taking the stairs instead of the escalator.  True and lasting change is creating small goals, reaching them, and feeling the success.

This year, instead of overhauling your life, pick one or two areas in your life to focus on, to grow, to feel and see success. There are so many different areas that we can focus on, but we’ve picked what we’re going to call the Fab Five F’s of life: Fitness, Finance, Family, Friends, and Faith. We’ve created some simple downloadable tools and resources (for FREE!!) to inspire you on your journey this year, as well as, the perfect Lillian product to be your daily reminder to keep showing up for yourself this year.

We’ve got some simple and fun planners and worksheets for you to download and plan your new year. Click on each image below to read more and get your FREE mobile wallpaper and worksheets!

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