How to Deal with Life’s Problems

How do you deal with life’s problems?

There’s really no way around them. It’s part of the ebb and flow of life. We’re going to lose a job, or break up with someone we care about, or make a mistake, or get hurt by someone, or face an illness, and even death.

It seems so unfair, but it’s just a part of life.

So, what can we do when life hits upside the head, knocking us back into dirt? How do we get back up again?

First, we’ve got to trust that no matter what, we’re going to be ok.

Second, comes from a line in a movie, the live action movie of Disney’s Cinderella. Don’t you just love this movie?

It’s an emotional moment, Ella and her father walk in to visit her sick mother, probably for the very last time. It’s in that moment that Ella’s mother leaves her with one last parting secret — a great secret that she claims will “see you through all the trials life will offer.”

With a trembling voice and tears in both their eyes, Cinderella’s mother says,

“You must always remember this, have courage and be kind.”

I think we can all relate to that moment. We’ve all been that scared little girl looking into the eyes of a problem life offered up to us.

We’ve stood paralyzed by the unknown of things out of our control.

And if we step back and see the bigger picture, we can see the truth in this statement. There’s more power than you know in being kind. In fact, there’s magic in it. So, in order to make it through life’s problems, we must —

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Have Courage

  • Have courage to face yourself.
  • Have courage to believe good can come from the bad.
  • Have courage to forgive yourself and to forgive others.
  • Have courage to change.
  • Have courage to love unconditionally.
  • Have courage to be loved unconditionally.
  • Have courage to fail and get back up again.
  • Have courage to say “yes”.
  • Have courage to say “no”.
  • Have courage to speak up and say the truth.
  • Have courage to face the unknown.
  • Have courage to believe you are going to be ok, no matter what.
  • Have courage to believe the universe has your back.
  • Have courage to see the good in humanity.
  • Have courage to be patient and wait.

And Be Kind

  • Be kind to yourself, you’re doing the best you know how.
  • Be kind to your parents, they did the best they knew how.
  • Be kind to your family.
  • Be kind to the stranger on the street.
  • Be kind to the jerk.
  • Be kind to the person you loved and who betrayed you.
  • Be kind to the person you don’t understand.
  • Be kind to the animals.
  • Be kind to the plants.
  • Be kind to the earth.
  • Be kind to children.
  • Be kind to someone else’s property.
  • Be kind to humanity.
  • Be kind to the politicians in Washington.
  • Be kind to the people online who you don’t agree with.
  • Be kind to the person on the other end.
  • Be kind to the other driver.
  • Be kind to the past you.
  • Be kind to the future you.

You can navigate your way through the trials of life following this simple secret.

You will find that something very magical happens within yourself and your life.

So, no matter what terrible problem you’re facing today and no matter what future trial you may face you can always make it through.

Have Courage and Be Kind


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