Robin: My Nurse Said I was a Miracle

I wanted to share with you why I asked my husband for the “Never Tell Me the Odds” bracelet for Christmas…I’ve also attached a picture of me wearing it.

Back in 2015, I was unexpectedly diagnosed with Stage 3 ovarian cancer, the deadliest reproductive cancer. I went through surgery and chemotherapy and still face a lifetime as a lab rat with endless medical procedures and tests. Ever since then, I’m constantly bombarded with the doomsday statistics about the disease: 39% survival rate, 41% make it to five years, 87% chance of recurrence, blah blah blah. Sometimes the percentages are worse depending on who you talk to, but it’s all abysmal odds.

However, I am taking Han Solo’s quote to heart and am determined to not just survive but thrive and to use the power of positive thinking to not just make it to five years but beyond. So far my oncology team is amazed at how well I’m doing, and one nurse even said I was a miracle. I intend to stay that way.

So, thank you and Lillian and Co. for making a very meaningful and inspirational piece of jewelry! It is perfect for me, but I think anyone can find strength and encouragement in all the goodies you make.


P.S. The teal sweater in the photo is because that’s the ribbon color for ovarian cancer

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