Emma: On Infertility, Grief, and Having Courage In the Darkest of Times.

In 2017, after  7 rounds of fertility treatments, I became pregnant with my miracle son.

At 12 weeks pregnant, my husband was diagnosed with a rare blood disorder called essential thrombocytosis. It was so scary because we are entering two uncharted territories for us.

A month after having our son, my husband’s doctor informed us that it would be wise if we did not have any more children because of the type of chemo my husband was taking. We went through the stages of grief of knowing we would never have another baby while celebrating our miracle son.

Then after our son turned one, the doctor told us that my husband needed to have a bone marrow biopsy to determine if he had bone marrow cancer.

Thankfully he did not! I purchased the necklace the day we got the good news to remind me to have courage in the darkest of times.


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