Jillian: On Being a New Mom and Still Chasing Dreams

My son was born during college so finishing was a struggle.

I had to commute over an hour each way to get to school five days a week, and I also worked four days a week while taking 18 credits my last semester, all while caring for a baby and trying to be a good mom!

It was exhausting, but when I wanted to give up, I clung to my dream of graduating and giving my son a better life.

When graduation came I felt it was appropriate to do a “Tangled” themed graduation cap that said “On to my new dream” because I was finally done with my bachelor’s degree and could go and find new dreams.

On my graduation day, my mom gave me the “Go live your dream” bracelet and it was the perfect gift. I wore it that day and then again on the day I found out I received a full scholarship for law school. 



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