Rediscover Your Confidence Post-Quarantine

Stuck at home with pajamas for a uniform every day for several months was only kind of fun. On one hand, how often have you been able to do that since you were a kid? On the other, it was a drastic change for a lot of us. Seemingly trivial, the day-to-day routine of waking up, getting dressed, going to work, interacting with people, and going out was not something everyone appreciated pre-quarantine. Now, it’s time to rediscover your confidence post-quarantine.

Since businesses are beginning to re-open and going out is being normalized again, we’re falling back into the habit of getting ourselves all spruced up to go out. For many people, the end product of getting ready and going somewhere includes taking some photos. But something about it just feels different now. Finding comfort in front of the camera is a daunting task in the first place. Re-discovering it after so much time away from the camera is uncharted territory.

After spending months in pajamas, we all deserve to feel good about ourselves. It can be difficult to get back that level of confidence. Nonetheless, it’s not impossible. So, here are some tips for rediscovering your confidence in taking photos in a post-quarantine world. 

Let go of your insecurities

First thing’s first: the only one focused on any of your insecurities is you. I heard this for the first time about six years ago and it completely changed my life. No one cares about a zit on your forehead or the way your hair looks more than you do. How many times has a friend pointed out something about themselves that they don’t like, and it was something you had never even noticed? You don’t see yourself the way the world sees you, and it’s easy to get hyper fixated on little imperfections. In the wise words of Elsa: let it go.

Wear clothes you feel confident in

Fashion trends are fun, but they’re often accompanied by pressure to look a certain way, especially with the rise of social media during quarantine. Wear your favorite outfit. Maybe you’ve worn it a million times, but who cares? You love it. There’s no shame in being an outfit repeater. In fact, it’s economically and environmentally friendly. Putting on an outfit you feel comfortable in will make you feel far more confident than the one you’re not entirely sure about.

Give yourself affirmations

Hype yourself up! You look great, and the person you need to hear it from most is you. Listen to your favorite music while getting ready to set the mood. Let yourself feel good. Don’t stand in your own way of having a fantastic experience and getting some amazing Instagram photos out of it, too.

If you need a little help with affirming yourself, browse our “I Am” necklace collection. Our 4 reversible “I Am” necklaces are daily reminders of your truth. They’re reversible because rewriting your narrative is a personal journey. As you work to believe who you are, wear your word facing inward close to your heart. Once you’re ready to declare your truth to the world with confidence post-quarantine, turn it around and wear your word facing outward.

Practice like you’re on America’s Next Top Model

Do you freeze up as soon as someone points a camera at you? It sounds silly, but practice faces and poses in the mirror. Take note of the ones you like and turn them into your go-to’s. The next time the camera is on you, you’ll already have your favorites in mind and be totally ready to strike a pose. 

Take pictures somewhere familiar

Getting your photo taken somewhere new is nerve-wracking. You start worrying about things, like whether or not people usually pose the way you’re posing, and totally psyche yourself out. Go somewhere you’ve taken photos before and get comfortable with your surroundings. Being uncomfortable in your setting will only make nervous photos.

The cameraman needs to be your friend

Always enlist someone you feel comfortable with to take your photos. A good friend or significant other is almost guaranteed to make you feel safer than someone you aren’t familiar with. The better the relationship, the better the outcome of the photos. There’s no better way to rediscover your confidence post-quarantine than with the help of people who already know how beautiful you are – inside and out.

Have a dance party

When in doubt, dance it out. This one is something I’ve learned from a friend. Sometimes you just don’t know what to do. Your legs feel awkward. Your arms feel awkward. Everything feels awkward. Stop what you’re doing and start dancing. Forget about the camera and everything around you and just move. You’ll prevent yourself from getting overwhelmed and uncomfortable, and end up adding some cool movement to your photos. 

The biggest key to regain confidence in front of the camera is familiarity. Use familiar clothes, surroundings, people, and poses to your advantage. Hold hands with the little things until you feel comfortable and confident again. Hopefully, these tips filled you with a bit of inspiration as the world returns to normal. Remember each one the next time you go out to take photos to rediscover your confidence post-quarantine.

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