3 Tips to Keep In Mind While Decorating a Blank Wall

Achieving that perfect aesthetically pleasing wall in your home is no easy feat. This task that seems quite simple can easily become overwhelming if you attempt to decorate your blank space without guidance. Lucky for you, our friend Shannon is here to help! Here are 3 easy tips that might help you achieve that perfectly decorated wall in your home.

  1. Command Hooks are your Best Friend

These easy-on easy-off products are the perfect tool for hanging virtually anything. They come in so many shapes, sizes, and colors that you’re sure to find the perfect one for all your decorating needs. Possibly the best thing about them is you won’t break the bank purchasing a bunch for your home!

We have found that small, clear Command Hooks work particularly well with the wooden frames that come included with our hanging wall prints. Below is a link that’ll take you directly to our personal favorite Command Hooks.


2. Maintain a Decor Theme

The last thing you want is a chaotic wall with no rhyme or reason behind any of your chosen pieces. My best recommendation is to choose an underlying theme when selecting your decor, even if it only makes sense to you. This can be a specific theme like your favorite movie or artist, or a general theme like your favorite color scheme. After all, you’re decorating for you, not for anyone else.

Sometimes gaining inspiration from one piece works well as a start. Select one piece of wall decor, choose a theme in your mind, and run with it. Seek out other pieces that fit your theme, and soon enough you’ll have multiple pieces of decor that all seamlessly tie your blank wall together.

3. Start with a Main Focal Point

So, you have all your hanging decor ready to go. Don’t know where to start? Pick the biggest piece you have and put it in the middle of the space you’re working with. Whether its a giant circle mirror, a big statement piece like a clock, or just your favorite piece of decor. Start with the middle and work your way outward.

If you’re anything like me, there needs to be some sort of symmetry on the wall in one way or another. It might help to place your decor on the floor and make sure you like the layout of it before placing pieces on the wall. Start with your middle piece, then identify symmetry in your other items and place them around your statement piece accordingly. Or if you like a little more spontaneity, skip the layout step and just go for it. It all depends on you!

Hopefully these tips can help you fill up any blank walls in your home that might be driving you crazy. As much as I love a clean blank wall, it’s always fun to incorporate a bit of yourself into your decor. If these tips help you, share photos of your new walls with us. We’d love to see what you come up with!

And as always, if you’re shopping for new home decor, we have a whole collection of wall prints that might help inspire your decorating process. Check it out below!

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