There’s Always Room For You

Do you ever have a great idea or something you want to try, but then immediately think, “What’s the point? So many other people are already doing it and doing it much better than me. Why bother?”

If this thought pops into your head from time to time, congratulations. You’re just like me.

Let me start by saying, any feeling you express as a reaction to whatever is going on in your life is 100% valid and absolutely normal. You have the right to all your feelings and emotions. Never let anyone tell you otherwise. However, please allow me to explain why this particular thought is illogical. Even worse, it might just be the only thing holding you back. After all, there’s always room for you.

Life is like a garden.

When it comes to creating and doing more of what you love, it’s like a garden. No one ever steps into a botanical garden and says, “Gross, there are way too many flowers in here.” No, we stand in awe at the magnificent beauty of it all. Each and every flower plays a role in making a garden beautiful.

You’re one of the gorgeous blossoms in the garden of life. Think of yourself as a rose. There could be 100 other roses in that garden, but 101 would make it even more perfect. You’re not crowding the garden. You’re not there to replace another rose. You are simply there to add beauty to the garden, and you do it so well.

Or think of yourself as a lily in a room full of roses and daisies and sunflowers. One type of flower does not wish to outshine any other flower in the room. That is not the point of a garden. Each one blooms and grows in its own unique way. Each flower flourishes to its potential without concerning itself with the flowers around it. And sure, there will be some people whose favorite flower will always be a rose, no matter how brightly you bloom as a lily. But there are others, like myself, who will choose lilies every single time.

There’s more than enough room for you. Don’t be afraid to bloom, dreamer!

Go out and create that thing you want to create. Do more of what you love. Don’t be afraid to try something new. The world needs to see the beauty you come up with. So, hit post. Write that book. Whip up that recipe. Design the clothing line (or the jewelry line).

I’ll be right here with you, blooming.

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