Style Your Disc Necklaces a Whole New Way this Summer

We often say that we have the best customers in the world. Here at Lillian & Co., we love nothing more than seeing our customers wearing our 5 whimsical disc necklace sets. But did you know… you can also wear them as anklets? Today, we’re sharing a whole new, summer-loving way to style our disc necklaces – perfect for she’s, he’s, or they’s!

Go from “Casual” to “Stylish”

This season, double wrap our tiny disc necklaces around your ankle for the perfect touch of summer flare. Add an elegant, comfortable sandal and our black leather crossbody purse, and boom. You just amped up your outfit from cool and casual to sophisticated and stylish.

A staycation at Disney’s Boardwalk Inn, for example, feels all the more magical with half of our “Faith, Trust, & Pixie Dust” disc necklace set wrapped around your ankle. Wear the smaller of the two as an anklet and the larger one as a necklace, and you really have all you need. Faith, trust… and pixie dust!

Our Products are Florida Proof

Since jewelry truly has no gender, this style tip works wonderfully for anyone, not just the ladies! A beach day along the coast (or to Disney’s Beach Club Resort) will have you turning heads with any of our tarnish resistant necklaces elegantly draped around your ankle.

As a reminder, all of our jewelry pieces are salt water, pool, sweat, and shower proof. Our disc necklaces are perfectly safe to wear in oceans, pools, Florida heat, or virtually anything else you can think of!

Add Some Comfortable Length

We have options for every body type. Say you want to get creative and triple wrap the necklace around your wrist, or double wrap it around your ankle. You might come to find it’s a little too tight for comfort. If you’re like me and need a little extra chain, you can utilize one of our necklace extenders to create the perfect length that fits just right.

Our necklace extenders come in our classic gold, silver, and rose gold finishes. They can be easily attached to any necklace in our shop. Extenders will add a comfortable 2.5 inches to any necklace. Be sure to check out the descriptions on any of our necklace listings to determine if you will need to add an extender to your order.

We hope you enjoyed this easy summer style tip. You can shop all 5 of our fully stocked disc necklace sets below. Our team would love to see any other creative ways you like wearing our pieces. So, be sure to keep tagging us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter so that we see your everyday creativity and beauty.

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