The Unlikely Pair for Whimsical Stylish Flair

You might already be familiar with our 4 magical disc necklace sets, including our newest “Do The Next Right Thing” set. The option is yours to wear the necklace pair together or separately, depending on your personal style preference. If you read our other disc necklace style blog post, you might have even started wearing the smaller of the two necklaces as a stylish summer anklet.

We’re thrilled to add yet another new way to style our disc necklaces, featuring another Lillian & Co. product you may not have thought to pair together with our discs!

Featuring our Dreambassador, Jennifer Siciliano

As you meticulously select your holiday outfits this year, add one of our fully adjustable rings to your larger disc necklace for added elegance, and of course, a touch of magic.

Our rose gold “Do The Next Right Thing” disc necklace set, for instance, pairs beautifully with our rose gold “Let It Go” ring. Our “Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust” disc necklace set pairs with our “Never Grow Up” ring. Our “So This Is Love” disc necklace set pairs with our “Happily Ever After” ring. You get the idea. Mix and match our rings and disc sets so your jewelry tells a magical story that’s completely your own.

“Do The Next Right Thing” Disc Necklace Set

OR add a ring to your tiny disc necklaces! As of today, all 4 tiny discs from our necklaces sets, plus our “I Believe” exclusive tiny holiday necklace, are now available to purchase separately for just $18. The combinations are seemingly endless. My personal favorite? Pair our “We Go On” ring with the tiny flame from our “With All The Strength” set for an Illuminations: Reflections of Earth inspired look.

Wear the full disc necklace set with a ring on either disc, wear either disc stacked with its corresponding ring by itself, or even add another necklace from our collection with your chosen stacked ring and disc for a multilayered look.

Featuring Andi Vigneau

We hope you enjoyed these additional disc necklace style tips, and we’d love to see any other creative ways you wear our products. Browse all 4 of our newly released tiny disc necklaces below. And be sure to tag us on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter so that we see your everyday creativity and beauty.

Don’t forget, we have necklace extenders in gold, silver, and rose gold finishes. They can be easily attached to any necklace in our shop. Extenders will add a comfortable 2.5 inches to any necklace. Check out the descriptions on any of our necklace listings to determine if you will need to add an extender to your order.

As a reminder, all of our jewelry pieces are perfectly safe to wear in oceans, pools, Florida heat, or virtually anything else you can think of. However, please use caution when utilizing hand products with chemicals, such as hand sanitizers or lotions. We recommend keeping our rings and bracelets with black lettering away from these harsher products.

Thank you for your constant support and love of our brand, dreamers!

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