Why Did Disney Use Bruno in Back to Back Films?

Why Did Disney Use Bruno in Back to Back Films (Luca and Encanto)? // Lillian & Co.

Who is this Bruno, and why is everyone talking about not talking about him?

Disney introduced us to a Bruno character, not once but twice, in two featured films within the past year. First in the 2021 animated film Luca and then in Disney’s Encanto

I thought it was interesting that Disney would choose the same name for two characters in back-to-back films. Since Disney never misses the smallest detail, it caused me to pause and think, “Why did they do this? Is there a hidden purpose to it?”

Ok, so Disney picked the same name twice. So what? Well, not only did they give each character the same name, they were both silenced!

For instance, in Luca, Alberto tells Luca to “Silenzio, Bruno!” anytime he can hear Bruno inside his head trying to stop Luca from living his life.

Then, in Encanto, there’s an entire song dedicated to NOT talking about Bruno.

Ok, so maybe that’s just two small details that happened to be similar. A possible coincidence? Maybe.

But, there’s more.

Bruno in Luca lives inside Luca’s head. Bruno in Encanto lives inside the walls of the house. 

Wait, there’s still more!

In Luca, Bruno told Luca all the bad things that could happen if he took the risk and rode the Vespa off the cliff. And in Encanto, Bruno predicted everyone’s future.

Maybe I’ve overthought this, but come on! That’s quite a few similarities between these Brunos.

So, let’s talk about Bruno.

All the Bruno similarities got me thinking, “Could the imaginary Bruno who lives in Luca’s mind have a connection with the Bruno who lives in the walls of the magical Encanto house? Is there a lesson for us in the Brunos?”

You have a Bruno who lives inside the walls of where you live – your mind. And this Bruno character is really, really good at creating imaginary stories about how terrible it will be. He’s so good at it that he can sometimes convince you there’s no other way. Good things aren’t even possible.

At first glance, it seems Bruno represents the voice of fear and that we need to silence fear. But with another look, he’s more than that. Bruno isn’t just the voice of fear, but the fear of living. Bruno represents the fear of the imaginary unknown future you create in your head. 

When you’re afraid of what bad things might happen to you, you start to control everything in your world, play it safe, and do what others expect of you. As your fear grows, you’ll push Bruno deeper and deeper into the walls of your heart – hoping and praying his predictions are all wrong.

But what happened after a while to the Encanto house with Bruno hiding in its walls? The walls began the crack. Why? 

Because even though everyone pretended Bruno didn’t exist, their fear of his predictions controlled them. Resisting his prophecies consumed them so much that they weren’t fully living life, and the energy of fear caused the walls to crumble.

The more you fear the future, the more you push Bruno deeper into the darkness, the more you will crumble from the inside out.

What sort of things did both Brunos predict? What does the voice inside your head tell you about our future if you risk it all and live?

“You’re going to get hurt.”
“You’re going to get fat, old & ugly. Which means you’re not worth anything anymore.”
“You’re going to lose someone you love.”
“Rainy days ruin your life.”

All these are genuine possibilities, but so are all the good things that come with the bad.

Life is full of risks. Risk is the very nature of life. You can’t have a life without risk. Life isn’t about getting rid of risks because to get rid of risks means getting rid of life. 

When you reject the possibilities of bad things happening, like, getting hurt, growing old, or losing loved ones, you reject the good things too, like, loving, laughing until you cry, chasing the wind, and riding the waves.

You’re going to get hurt, but you’re also going to heal.

It will rain on your special day, but you can enjoy love in the rain.

You’ll grow older and maybe lose your hair, but you’ll gain experience and wisdom. You’ll become like a fine wine.

You’re going to lose, but you’re also going to love.

You’re going to live.

Notice what happened when everyone finally decided not to fear Bruno or the future, to accept life as it is and not as they had hoped it would be. Vespas drove full speed ahead. Love for cacti grew. Love itself grew. And laughter, there was so much laughter. 

So, the next time Bruno walks in, and you think he’s going to feast on your dreams. Remember, in life, the benefits outweigh the risk.

Trust that the universe has your back as you whisper to your fear, “Silenzio, Bruno.” Then, bring Bruno out into the sunshine of hope and all the beautiful possibilities life can give you. 

And let your heart echo the song of Mirabel and Abuela, “No matter what happens, we’re gonna find our way.”

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