Must-Do Disney: Magic Kingdom

We’re kicking off this week with an entire new collection of bracelets inspired by the 6 lands of the Magic Kingdom. To honor each one, we’re sharing our personal favorite rides, snacks, and must-do’s from each land that you won’t want to miss. This is must-do Disney (without Stacy): Magic Kingdom Edition.

Main Street, USA

One land you literally must do is Main Street, USA (you physically can’t miss it – it’s the entrance of the park). You’re greeted by the ambiance of a turn-of-the-century town inspired by Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri. Everything in this area is extremely purposeful, from the cast member costumes, down to the Casey’s Corner lightbulbs.

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Mickey balloons, the singing Dapper Dans, and stunning firework views are all found exclusively along Main Street. Most importantly, you can find the one and only Magic Kingdom Starbucks here. Meeting Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater is also a must.

Dine at one of three delicious sit-down restaurants, or grab a quick bite at Casey’s Corner. My personal favorite sit-down location? Tony’s Town Square Restaurant, accurately themed to The Lady and the Tramp. Additionally, the Confectionery is filled with any Mickey shaped snack you could possibly think of. You can even curate your own personal popcorn concoction.

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Reigning in as the biggest land in the Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland has something for everyone. The land has not one, not two, but three dazzling castles. Rides range in intensity from the innocence of Prince Charming’s Royal Carousel to the 39 foot drop of Seven Drawfs Mine Train. Peter Pan’s Flight, the iconic spinning teacups, and Dumbo The Flying Elephant are also all found in Fantasyland.

Let’s talk food.

In this land you have Pinocchio’s Village Haus, Friar’s Nook, and Gaston’s Tavern, among other tasty quick service locations. Flatbreads, chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and more wallet and kid friendly bites are not in short supply in Fantasyland. However, the two show stopping sit-down dining restaurants are Cinderella’s Royal Table located inside Cinderella Castle and Be Our Guest Restaurant located inside the Beast’s Castle. At up to $62 per person, these dining experiences might be a one time thing but are absolutely worth trying once.

This magical land is like no other. Even the restrooms are stunningly themed. Walt truly wasn’t kidding when he said, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow… and fantasy.”

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In Tomorrowland, you’ll find yourself traveling across both space and time. Space Mountain, one of the most well known Magic Kingdom staples, is found here. Zoom through space… at a comfortable 27 miles per hour. You can travel through time, as well, on Walt Disney’s Carousel of Progress.

Plus, there’s one particular wall found in this land that we all know and love. The purple wall is found along the side of the Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, and it somehow has the absolute perfect lighting for photos. Without a doubt, you must take a photo here.

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The Lunching Pad and Cosmic Ray’s are great Tomorrowland quick service locations for food the whole family will enjoy. If you’re still hungry after lunch, however, you definitely still have options.

At $13, Disney Parks popcorn buckets are a fantastic investment. After buying the bucket you can get unlimited refills for $2.25 during the entire length of your stay. Tomorrowland is just one of the many locations where you can purchase a popcorn bucket and refills.

If you need something sweet to compliment all that popcorn salt, this land has something for that, too. The Magic Kingdom 50th Fireworks Dessert Party comes with desserts of all kinds, accompanied by breathtaking evening firework views. End the evening at the Tomorrowland Terrace, eating decadent sweets and watching Magic Kingdom’s newest fireworks, Disney Enchantment.

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Take a ride along the Nile, hear birds sing words and flowers croon, and discover all your Dole Whip needs in Adventureland.

In this land, there are two places to satisfy your Dole Whip cravings. Aloha Isle has pineapple, mango, coconut, lime, raspberry, pineapple-orange-guava, and vanilla flavors for you to choose from. Sunshine Tree Terrace has even more delicious combinations. My go-to order is quite basic, but I always get vanilla soft serve and pineapple juice float.

You got your Dole Whip. Now what?

Enjoy air conditioned seating in the Enchanted Tiki Room. Stroll through the Swiss Family Treehouse for some incredible Magic Kingdom views. Hop aboard the Jungle Cruise for the best worst jokes ever. Or head to the classic Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. You might even run in Captain Jack Sparrow on your way there.

Whatever you do, you must end your time in Adventureland with a meal at Skipper Canteen. Enjoy some appetizers or a full meal featuring their mix of African, Asian, and Latin cuisine. Take it from me, their cachapas appetizer is to die for.

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Frontierland is home to two of three Magic Kingdom mountains you absolutely must do. Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad are small enough for most kiddos to enjoy without scaring rollercoaster newbies, like myself. Be sure to hop on both while you’re enjoying Frontierland.

The snacks in this land occasionally vary. You can usually find the famous pepper jack pretzel at the Frontierland churro cart. If they’re unavailable that day, a cream cheese stuffed pretzel may take its place at the cart. Both are equally delicious and worth a try.

This land is also home to another classic attraction, the Country Bear Jamboree. You truly either love or hate this show, but every Disney fan has to do it at least once. There’s a law somewhere about that, I’m pretty sure.

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Liberty Square

Arguably the most underrated Magic Kingdom land, Liberty Square, has some of my personal favorite attractions. The Haunted Mansion, Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, and the iconic Nutella Fruit Waffle are all found here.

At Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe, it’s Christmas all year round. There, you can ask a cast member to write in beautiful cursive on any complimentary Disney Parks celebration button.

The snacks at Liberty Square are unmatched. During breakfast hours, you can snag a Nutella Fruit Waffle at Sleepy Hollow, or a Sweet-and-Spicy Chicken-Waffle Sandwich during lunch. Beware that breakfast there ends promptly at 11:00 AM. If neither of those items satisfied your hunger, you can always head to Liberty Square Market for more quick park snacks.

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This concludes our must-do’s of Magic Kingdom. Have any personal favorite must-do’s that we missed? Leave a comment!

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