Must-Do Disney: Fantasyland

Surprise! By the end of the week, we’ll have 6 new rings inspired by the 6 lands of the Magic Kingdom. As we release each piece, we’re sharing rides, snacks, and Lillian & Co. products inspired from its land that you won’t want to miss. So far, we’ve released “Frontierland”, “Tomorrowland”, and “Liberty Square” adjustable rings. Next up… Fantasyland. So, without further ado, this is Must-Do Disney: Fantasyland Edition.


Reigning in as the biggest land in the Magic Kingdom, Fantasyland has something for everyone.

5 Walt Disney World opening day attractions still exist in Fantasyland today. These include Dumbo The Flying Elephant, It’s A Small World, the Mad Tea Party, Peter Pan’s Flight, and Prince Charming’s Regal Carrousel.

The land has not 1, not 2, but 3 dazzling castles. Prince Eric’s Castle and the Beast’s Castle joined Cinderella Castle during the “New Fantasyland” expansion in 2014. This expansion brought new attractions to the land, and renovated its originals.

Featuring Dreambassador Kathy Li

This magical land is like no other. Even the restrooms are stunningly themed (be sure to stop by the Tangled ones). Walt truly wasn’t kidding when he said, “Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow… and fantasy.”


Rides range in intensity from the innocence of Prince Charming’s Carrousel to the 39 foot drop of Seven Drawfs Mine Train. In total, Fantasyland encompasses 11 magical attractions.

If you have little ones, this area will surely peak their interest. Original rides like Peter Pan’s Flight, the spinning teacups, and It’s A Small World are all found in Fantasyland. The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh replaced Mr. Toad’s Wild Ride in 1999. Thanks to the “New Fantasyland” expansion, Under the Sea – Journey of The Little Mermaid was added in 2012. Dumbo The Flying Elephant also underwent the expansion to double its capacity. Most rides in this land are slow and easy for kids… and kids at heart.

Among its 11 attractions are 2 experiences. Mickey’s Philharmagic and Princess Fairytale Hall are perfect if you need a break from the Florida heat. Philharmagic is a 12-minute, air conditioned show that was updated to include a new scene in November 2021. Put on 3D glasses and sing along with songs from The Lion King, Coco, Aladdin and more. At Princess Fairytale Hall, you can meet Cinderella and another princess at random.

Need a bit more thrill? Fantasyland has that, too. The Barnstormer and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train have height requirements of 35 and 38 inches, respectively. These miniature coasters offer a bit more excitement and speed to your time spent in this land.


Its 2 show stopping sit-down dining restaurants are Cinderella’s Royal Table, located inside Cinderella Castle, and Be Our Guest Restaurant, located inside the Beast’s Castle.

At Cinderella’s Royal Table, you’ll dine with captivating stained glass views of Fantasyland. Character dining is no longer currently offered at this location. Regardless, enjoying a meal inside Cinderella’s beloved castle is an enchanting experience all its own.

Alternatively, the Beast’s Castle is home to Be Our Guest Restaurant. The dining room is beautifully themed to the ballroom from Beauty and the Beast. You could also dine in Belle’s library or even the West Wing. Its delectable French cuisine is as delicious as the iconic song claims. Don’t believe me? Ask the dishes.

Reservations are required well in advance for either location. At up to $62 per person, these dining experiences might be a one time thing, but are absolutely worth trying once.


In this land you have Pinocchio’s Village HausFriar’s Nook, and Gaston’s Tavern, among other tasty quick service locations. Chicken tenders, mac and cheese, and more wallet and kid friendly bites are not in short supply in Fantasyland.

You can find turkey legs and other savory snacks at Prince Eric’s Village Market. Ice cream can be found at Storybook Treats, featuring specialty character cones. Cheshire Cafe is home to the Instagram-worthy cheshire cat tail pastry, as well as the pepper jack pretzel. Our must-do stop for sweet snacks, however, is located in Storybook Circus.

Featuring Andi Vigneau and Kathy Li

Storybook Circus encompasses the Dumbo attraction, Casey Jr.’s Splash ‘n’ Soak Station, and Big Top Souvenirs. Cool off in the water at the Splash ‘n’ Soak Station, then head to Big Top Souvenirs for the best Fantasyland treats. Here you’ll find Mickey-shaped snacks, cotton candy, chocolate-dipped delicacies, and more.

Fantasyland Inspired

Lillian & Co. has a little something to commemorate every Fantasyland must-do. Does your heart belong to Peter Pan’s Flight? We have an array of Peter Pan inspired items. Maybe you grew up enamored by It’s A Small World. We have a bracelet for you, too. Did dining at Be Our Guest Restaurant or Gaston’s Tavern blow your mind? Add a touch of inspiration from Beauty and the Beast to your home. Shop items to honor any of these beloved Fantasyland icons:

NEW “Fantasyland” Ring

Finally, we’re thrilled to present the 4th of 6 NEW Land Collection rings. “Fantasyland” is available now on gold, silver, and rose gold fully adjustable rings. When you look upon your ring, remember this: When you hit the wall, keep going. Most importantly, keep dreaming. Because just around the corner is where your fantasyland becomes reality. Shop this piece, along with our 6 Magic Kingdom land inspired beaded bracelets, now in our Land Collection.

This concludes our must-do’s of Fantasyland. Have any personal favorite must-do’s from the land that we missed? Leave a comment!

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