Must-Do Disney: Adventureland

Surprise! By tomorrow, we’ll have 6 new rings inspired by the 6 lands of the Magic Kingdom. As we release each piece, we’re sharing rides, food, and jewelry inspired by its land that you won’t want to miss. So far, we’ve released “Frontierland”, “Tomorrowland”, “Liberty Square”, and “Fantasyland” rings. Up next is Adventureland. Without further ado, this is Must-Do Disney: Adventureland Edition.


Take a ride down the Nile, hear birds sing words, and discover all your Dole Whip needs in Adventureland.

The land contains 2 distinctly themed areas, Arabian Village and Caribbean Plaza. Arabian Village is heavily influenced by the marketplace from Aladdin. It’s sprinkled with gems and jewels hidden in its walkways. Be sure to watch out for spitting camels and hidden Mickeys.

Caribbean Plaza, on the other hand, is inspired by Pirates of the Caribbean. Take part in a Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas. This interactive adventure game will take you on a secret exploration across all of Adventureland. Anything else not located within Arabian Village or Caribbean Plaza embodies a theme fit for adventurers.


Adventureland has 3 rides, a sit-down show, plus a whole treehouse to explore.

Hop aboard the Jungle Cruise for the best worst jokes ever. Here, a skipper not-so-expertly navigates your 10-minute journey through treacherous waters. (During certain times of the year, this attraction gets a Christmas overlay, becoming the Jingle Cruise.) Then, head to the classic Pirates of the Caribbean boat ride. You might even run into Captain Jack Sparrow on your way there. Finally, soar over Adventureland on The Magic Carpet’s of Aladdin. This Dumbo-style attraction is great for kids, as they get to control their own flying carpet. All 3 have no height restrictions and are 100% family friendly.

Enjoy air conditioned seating in Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room. Or stroll through the Swiss Family Treehouse for some incredible Magic Kingdom views. These 2 Adventureland attractions, along with the Jungle Cruise, have been around since Magic Kingdom’s opening in 1971.


Whatever you do, end your time in Adventureland with a meal at Skipper Canteen. Enjoy some appetizers or a full meal featuring their mix of African, Asian, and Latin cuisine. Take it from me, their cachapas appetizer is to die for.


There are 2 places to satisfy your Dole Whip cravings in Adventureland. Aloha Isle has pineapple, mango, coconut, lime, raspberry, pineapple-orange-guava, and vanilla flavors to choose from. Sunshine Tree Terrace has even more delicious combinations. My go-to order is quite basic, but so refreshing. Try a vanilla soft serve and pineapple juice float, then let us know what you think.

On the other hand, swing by the Spring Roll Snack Cart for an Adventureland original snack. You’ve never had spring rolls quite like these. Get 2 cheeseburger spring rolls or 2 50th celebration spring rolls (or 1 of each) for $9.50. Celebration spring rolls are filled with pastrami and pepper jack, and come with mustard dipping sauce.

Not all treasure is silver and gold, mate. Sometimes treasure is a peanut butter-chocolate-banana sandwich. Fortunately, treasure this delicious can be found at Tortuga Tavern. This quick-service location has hot dogs, burgers, and yes, even peanut butter-chocolate-banana sandwiches.

Adventureland Inspired

Adventureland’s hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems inspired us to create many pieces, including our “Dead Men Tell No Tales” bracelet. You’ve got one life to live. Live it full of adventure, happiness, and love. If you never go after the life you desire, have you really lived? Don’t spend your life as a dead man walking. After all, dead men tell no tales… savvy?

Featuring Andi Vigneau

Our Diamond in the Rough Collection embodies all the hidden beauty within Adventureland. More importantly, within you. It’s easy to gauge your worth by society’s standards of perfection. Nevertheless, do not be deceived by your commonplace appearance. No matter how insignificant you feel, there’s something great within you. Inner beauty is so much more than meets the eye. Your worth lies deep within. Each piece inlaid with Swarovski crystals represents you, a diamond in the rough.

NEW “Adventureland” Ring

Now, announcing the 5th of 6 NEW Land Collection rings. “Adventureland” is now available on gold, silver, and rose gold fully adjustable rings. As it holds your finger, remember to step out of your comfort zone. Go where you’ve never been before. This is where the greatest adventures are made – in an adventureland all your own. Shop this piece, along with our 6 Magic Kingdom beaded bracelets, now in our Land Collection.

This concludes Lillian & Co.’s Must-Do Disney: Adventureland Edition. Have any personal favorite must-do’s from the land that we missed? Leave a comment!

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