Must-Do Disney: Main Street, USA

As of today, we now have 6 new rings inspired by the 6 lands of the Magic Kingdom. As we released each piece, we shared rides, snacks, and Lillian & Co. jewelry inspired from its land that you won’t want to miss. The final ring release on our list is Main Street. So, without further ado, this is must-do Disney: Main Street, USA Edition.

Main Street, USA Overview

Who knew one stretch of street could have so much history. Designed after Walt Disney’s hometown of Marceline, Missouri, Magic Kingdom’s Main Street contains so many hidden details.

Lighting fixtures from different eras can be seen as you walk from one end of Main Street to the other. Before Covid, you could find horse-drawn trolleys in the morning and double decker buses at night. These changes symbolized America’s transition from the 19th century. Born in 1901, Walt purposely oversaw all of these subtle nods to his lifetime.

Windows above the shops contain dedications to Walt’s family and colleagues. Main Street loop music pays homage to Disney films like Wall-E, Up, and more.

Main Street, USA inspired bracelet from Lillian & Co.
“Adventure Is Out There” bracelet in matte rose gold

Mickey balloons, singing Dapper Dans, and stunning firework views are all found exclusively along Main Street. Watch Magic Kingdom parades and cavalcades as they make their way down the street. All the while, make your own Main Street memories that will last a lifetime.


This land has no rides, theater shows, or coasters of any kind. However, it does have the most important meet-and-greet of your Disney World Trip… Mickey Mouse!

Meeting Mickey Mouse at Town Square Theater is a Main Street must-do. With all of Disney World’s new updates, you are able to purchase Lightning Lane to meet Mickey. However, as someone who used to work inside Town Square Theater, I wouldn’t. His line becomes very short at multiple points throughout the day. If his line is over 40 minutes, I recommend checking the My Disney Experience app again later for a shorter wait. You’re sure to find a 15 minute wait or less.


Dine at one (or all three) of the delicious sit-down restaurants along Main Street.

Crystal Palace has a mouth watering buffet spread for both lunch and dinner. Its range of offerings, from ribs to fried chicken to braised beef, costs $39 for adults and $23 for children under 9. Allergy-friendly options are also available upon request. Previously, friends from the Hundred Acre Wood roamed around as you dined. Unfortunately, they have not returned to Crystal Palace just yet.

On the other hand, The Plaza has more affordable dining with just as beautiful views. With an emphasis on light sandwiches and milkshakes, this restaurant makes the perfect stop for lunch. Crab cakes, burgers, and meatloaf are available as well for those of us with bigger appetites.

My personal favorite table-service location? Tony’s Town Square Restaurant. This Main Street restaurant has my heart with all its adorable The Lady and the Tramp theming. Reenact the romance between your favorite pups with exquisite Italian cuisine. Look closely at the ground in front of the restaurant. You’ll find Tramp and Lady’s paw prints in the cement.


If one of your Main Street must-do’s is acquiring caffeine, you’ll want to stop for Starbucks at the Main Street Bakery. Additionally, the Confectionery is filled with any Mickey shaped snack you could possibly think of. Mickey rice krispie treats, candy apples, and an entire wall of M&M’s awaits at the Main Street Confectionery. You can even curate your own personal popcorn concoction.

Casey’s Corner hits it out of the park with their enticing quick-service menu options. Classic Main Street corn dog nuggets and frozen mint julep lemonades are found here. Along with beautiful outdoor seating views, this restaurant embodies the true aura of Main Street, USA.

Located next to The Plaza Restaurant, the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor will satisfy any sweet tooth. Raspberry sorbet, cookies ‘n cream, and of course chocolate are among the many flavors to choose from. Fat-free and plant-based frozen desserts are available, as well.


If you came to the park ready to shop, you’re in luck. The west side of Main Street is one long store called the Emporium. As Magic Kingdom’s largest merchandise location, it has virtually everything. Across the street, Main Street’s east side has Uptown Jewelers, Crystal Arts, and the Cinema.

Main Street, USA inspired bracelet from Lillian & Co.
“Main Street, USA” beaded bracelet in silver

At Uptown Jewelers, you’ll find Dooney & Bourke handbags, Pandora jewelry, and other park exclusives. Watch cast members handblow glass and crystal before your eyes at Crystal Arts. Or stop by the Cinema to browse the Vault Collection of 50th anniversary merchandise.

Balloon vendors are found up and down Main Street, as well. Purchase a balloon for $15 or $18, and don’t forget to ask for Andi (fellow balloon vendor, here!) Fair warning, balloon vendors unfortunately cannot accept Disney gift cards.

Main Street Inspired

Perhaps the fondest Magic Kingdom memories come from watching fireworks with loved ones on Main Street. Memories like these inspired us to create pieces celebrating the park’s 3 latest firework shows.

Main Street, USA inspired bracelets from Lillian & Co.

Inspired by Disney Enchantment, our “You Are The Magic” bracelet holds a world of meaning for its wearer. Close your eyes, make a wish, and believe in it with your whole heart. You made it through everything you thought you couldn’t. The magic was always there inside you. Any dream of yours is possible. Let yourself have it – your dreams, your wishes, everything you’ve hoped for. You already have the spark in your heart, because you are the magic.

Our “Do As Dreamers Do” bracelet embodies Wishes: A Magical Gathering of Disney Dreams in all her glory. We hold the power to create the life we desire. Our wishes can come true, if we believe in them with all our hearts. They become possible when we find the courage to set them free. Always do as dreamers do, and work to make all your wishes come true.

Wishes‘ successor Happily Ever After taught us a great deal. Through laughter and tears, on good days and bad days, when we’re up or when we’re down… living this real-life fairytale is a dream come true. Choose your messy, crazy story every single time. With the help of our “Happily Ever After” pieces, remember to choose your happily ever after, every single day.

NEW “Main Street, USA” Ring

We’re so excited to present our final NEW Land Collection ring. “Main Street, USA” is now available on gold, silver, and rose gold fully adjustable rings. It wraps your finger as a reminder that it’s no illusion – your dreams are here to stay. Chase your desires and walk proudly right down the middle of life, your own Main Street, USA. Shop this piece, along with our 6 Magic Kingdom land inspired beaded bracelets and rings, now in our Land Collection.

This concludes our must-do Disney: Main Street, USA edition. Have any personal favorite must-do’s from the land that we missed? Leave a comment!

All 6 fully adjustable Land Collection rings are available now. Browse our entire collection of Main Street inspired items in our ever growing Park Collection.

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