Creating the Perfect Aesthetic Ghost Costume

Finding a cute Halloween costume doesn’t have to be hard on you or your wallet. Lillian & Co. Dreambassador Jennifer and I accomplished the perfect ghostly look for under $10 each. We brought the look to Magic Kingdom for a photoshoot and had so many laughs doing it. Here’s how we created the perfect aesthetic ghost costume.

Find a Sheet

Reluctant to dirty my favorite all white bedding set, we went to Walmart. Jennifer and I found satin, cotton, and various costume fabrics. In the end, polyester was the obvious choice.

Satin fresh off the shelf was very wrinkled. Cotton, we feared, would be too thick for a flowy look. Not to mention, thick cotton would have been brutal during a muggy September afternoon in Florida. Thankfully, we found pre-cut 3-yard sheets of white polyester. The fabric was so light on our skin. More importantly, it was thin enough to fold without taking up much space in a park bag. They cost about $4 each and accomplished the perfect aesthetic ghostly look.

Our goal was to spend as little money on these costumes as possible. We did not intend to walk around Magic Kingdom with sheets over our heads the entire day. So, our polyester sheets were cheap and cute for photos, but not entirely practical. Behind the gram, the 3-yard sheets did not cover our backs. Be sure to get more length if you’re going for a full ghost costume.

Disclaimer: At Walt Disney World, you cannot have your face covered while walking around the parks. You may, however, have your face covered briefly for a photo. Photopass photographers cannot use their cameras to photograph you with your face covered. If you ask nicely though, cast members or perfect strangers may still take photos for you. Your face can be covered as long as they use a personal camera of yours.

featuring Andi Vigneau

Hit up the Dollar Store

My advice? Go for tacky. Your local dollar store is a great place to start. Around the holidays, most dollar stores carry surprisingly cute seasonal decor and props. Plus, their sunglasses selection is always stocked. Though, any sunglasses or spooky props you currently own will do.

As for me, I wanted to accomplish a particular look that my glasses were simply not giving. At Dollar Tree, we found $1.25 Ray-Ban and Aviator knock offs. They were super cute for everyday wear, but not entirely the vibe I was going for. Dedicated to the bit, I went to 2 other stores looking for the perfect sunglasses. The circular ones I found were $6 at a local tourist gift shop.

Accessorize with What You Have

In an effort to save money, Jennifer and I utilized Disney products we already had to accessorize. We broke out our old Halloween ears, hats, and popcorn buckets from previous years. Plus, I wore my favorite orange velvet ears from fellow Disney small shop @ItsAEarWorldAfterAll.

Next, it was time to accessorize with Lillian & Co. pieces. We began with matching Dreamer and Midnight Dreamer watches. Don’t forget, Lillian watches and watch bands are still 50% off while supplies last.

featuring Jennifer Siciliano

We stacked matte black bracelets like “Foolish Mortals” with the Midnight Dreamer watch for an all black look. Even though we were at Disney, we couldn’t resist wearing pieces from our Wizarding Collection as well.

featuring Andi Vigneau

Necklaces didn’t work well over our ghost sheets. So, we mainly utilized Lillian & Co. bracelets and rings for jewelry. “Mischief Managed“, “Always“, and “Main Street, USA” were among the adjustable rings featured in the photoshoot.

In keeping with the fall aesthetic, we also brought a cappuccino brown Lilly Crossbody purse from Lillian & Co. Jennifer’s phone was used for photos because of her adorable Mickey ring phone holder from, naturally. Black, pink, and cappuccino Lilly Phone Crossbody purses are still on sale and will not be restocked.

Lastly, what’s a Halloween costume without a trick or treating bag? We figured Lillian tote bags would make the perfect trick or treating accessory. The zippered tote lets you rest easy knowing you won’t lose a single piece of candy as you run around the Magic Kingdom.

Create the Content

Between our 2 Canon cameras, we mainly used a 24mm lens to capture photos. Our iPhones captured any video content.

One last tip: capture everything. The funniest moments to look back on are the ones just before the perfect shot. Turn on Live Photos. Put a phone in the corner to record as you prepare your ghost sheet for a picture. A candid ghostly shot with your shorts peeking out, or a ghost clearly frustrated with its sheet make a good laugh later.

featuring Andi Vigneau

Jennifer and I had so much fun creating these looks and sharing them with you. Browse all Lillian & Co. Halloween inspired items below. Our seasonal exclusive “It’s Really Not So Scary” bracelets are back, but only for a limited time!

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