Inspiration for Custom Orders

As of September 14th, custom bracelets and necklaces are back! Plus, we added new custom adjustable rings! Every 6 months, we give our customers the opportunity to create a Lillian & Co. item that’s completely unique. We curate each and every custom piece, and we’re always blown away by the cute quotes you choose. This concept is great and all, but I’ve run into a personal problem.

For 6 months, I come across quotes that I think would look so great on a Lillian & Co. bracelet. Then, every time Lillian & Co. offers custom orders, I suddenly can’t think of a single idea. So, I’m remedying this problem. I’m sharing some customer photos, featuring their unique custom pieces. Additionally, I’m sharing my own inspiration that I’ll be using to purchase my own custom Lillian item. Hopefully, these ideas might spark some inspiration for you, too!

Make yourself laugh

Lillian & Co. jewelry doesn’t have to always have a deep inspirational meaning. The meaning behind your custom quote might simply be that you like it.

For me, the best part of offering custom orders is getting to see the quotes you choose. The custom pieces that I love most have been the ones that make me laugh. For example, these 3 quotes actually exist on Lillian & Co. bracelets.

My 3 new favorite customers inspired me. I’ll be creating all Lillian & Co. Christmas gifts for my friends this year. They’ll get bracelets with our favorite TikTok sayings or silly inside jokes. I’m going to win Christmas for sure.

Magical moments

When we offer customs, we receive more dated quotes than anything else. Anniversaries, friendaversaries, or the day you met your soulmate make the most magical jewelry pieces. Not to mention, they’ll make the perfect gift this holiday season.

You’re welcome to write out a date any way you choose on your custom piece. All numbers, letters, and punctuation are accepted on custom orders.

Meaningful locations

One of our most popular quote requests are more lands in our beaded Land Collection. We don’t currently have plans to expand our beaded bracelets just yet. However, we’re always looking for inspiration. Some of that inspiration comes from our (non-copyright infringing) custom orders.

We’ve had lots of incredible Disney, Marvel, and Star Wars inspired locations come through. Although, personal locations are just as precious.

My friend Doug and I once bought each other custom Lillian & Co. bracelets. The best part was, we didn’t tell each other what we were putting on the bracelets. The one I sent him had the coordinates of Disney’s Blizzard Beach water park. We first met there as park greeter cast members years before. Part of me wishes I had bought a matching one for myself – it turned out so cute!

Feel free to use coordinates to commemorate your time spent at a specific place. It could be anywhere in the world you choose. It’s elegant, subtle, and a perfect reminder of any location that’s meaningful to you. If you stayed at Disney Housing on a Disney College Program, they also make adorable roommate bracelets.

Matching bracelets

featuring Kacey Cassette

Speaking of roommate bracelets, matching custom bracelets in general are very popular.

Our past Dreambassador Kacey once ordered a custom piece as a gift for a family member. Her quote might not mean much to anyone else, but to 5 specific people, it means the world.

Feel free to use our dear friend Kacey as a source of inspiration. Matching bracelets for friends or family members make touching gifts for any holiday, or just because. Don’t forget, any custom orders placed this September will arrive in time for Christmas!


For all my Swifties and Olivia Rodrigo fans out there, this bit of inspiration is for you. You can fit up to 40 characters of your favorite song on our custom bracelets. If the line is short enough, up to 20 characters can fit on our new custom rings. By the way, don’t need me for the next 2 weeks. I’ll be busy listening to Harry Styles on repeat for more custom quote inspiration.

If you already have a Lillian & Co. bracelet, try making it a lyric set. We’ve seen many orders for more custom lines from Disney’s Carousel of Progress. “Just a dream away” and “Shining at the end of every day” pair beautifully with a quote we currently offer. Wear your custom lyric with our “There’s A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow” bracelet. Take any one of the Lillian & Co. bracelets you own and add to it!


Like I said, y’all blow us away with your imaginative custom quotes that we never thought of. These are just some of my favorite fandom quotes from past custom orders.

Disney inspired:

  • You are the one you’ve been waiting for
  • Grow yourself into something new
  • Step into your power
  • Show yourself
  • Find happiness right where you are
  • Village crazy lady
  • Yo, ho! Yo, ho! A pirate’s life for me
  • Bring me that horizon
  • Do my best to take my place in the sun
  • Dig a little deeper
  • A dream is a wish your heart makes
  • Being normal is vastly overrated
  • Faster than fast, I am lightning
  • It was all started by a mouse
  • Just around the riverbend
  • Make it pink, make it blue
  • Pretend it’s a seed, okay?
  • Frying pans… who knew?
  • God help the outcasts
  • In the big blue world
  • Tale as old as time
  • We’re all mad here
  • Anyone can cook
  • Try everything

Star Wars inspired:

  • I am no Jedi
  • This is the way
  • Heart of Kyber
  • Be the Resistance
  • The Force is with me
  • I am a Jedi like my father before me

Marvel inspired:

  • I can’t control their fear, only my own
  • I don’t need you to tell me who I am
  • On your left
  • Your pain only makes you stronger

Theme park inspired:

  • Right down the middle of Main Street USA
  • Grab hold of your dreams
  • Dreams that glow
  • Be sure to bring your death certificate
  • Welcome, foolish mortals
  • Get that dino
  • Sivako
  • 2022 Dopey Finisher – 48.6 magical miles
  • Every mile is magic

Important information

Who says diabetic bracelets can’t be elegant? Putting crucial health information on jewelry for you or someone you love to wear daily is a brilliant idea. We’ve had lots of custom orders that read “Diabetic” and other important information.

We’ve also had custom bracelets purchased with phone numbers on them. If you’re heading to a theme park with kiddos soon, this might also be a great idea for you. Keep in mind, our bracelets can adjust down to a minimum circumference of 6 inches.

Custom Order Guidelines
  • Delivery will take 6 to 8 weeks from your purchase date.
  • Proofread it, Google it, ask Alexa, and proofread it again. Then, call your mom just to be sure.
  • Custom sales are final. Returns and refunds are not permitted on custom orders.
  • We will not accept quotes with profanity, negativity, or hate. Keep it positive.
  • We will not print any quotes, phrases, or slogans that contain copyright infringement.
  • Bracelet quotes may contain up to 40 letters, characters, and spaces. Necklace quotes may contain up to 14 letters, characters, and spaces. Ring quotes may contain up to 20 letters, characters, and spaces. Symbols and emojis are not permitted.
  • Custom orders end Friday, September 30th.

Each custom piece is available in our classic gold, silver, and rose gold finishes. Custom bracelets are also available in NEW matte black finish! All our jewelry is made of hypoallergenic and tarnish resistant stainless steel. Our gold bracelets are made of the same stainless steel, then coated in a thick layer of 18K gold.

All custom jewelry comes in our classic Lillian & Co. gift boxes. Custom bracelets come with a velvet pouch, as well. Gift wrap is also available upon request.

Custom orders are available now until September 30th. This will be your last chance to create a custom piece in 2022! Now is the perfect time to get a head start on any holiday shopping, with a little help from Lillian & Co.

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