Walt Disney Lived in Another Realm. You Can Too.

Walt Disney lived with a blurred line between reality and fantasy.

He showed us two worlds, two realms.

The seen and the unseen.

The outside world and the inner world.

Both are ever present in your life, but you can’t live according to both.

You must love one and hate the other.

You have to cling to one and reject the other.

Whichever one you choose must be your standard of reality. This is because these two worlds are in direct conflict with each other.

One is finite. The other is infinite.

One is decaying. The other is expanding.

One says impossible. The other says possible.

One is full of hate. The other is pure love.

Walt’s denial of the pain and ugliness of this physical world wasn’t delusional. It’s just that he didn’t believe in the truth of limits and failure. Instead, he created a portal for us to have a glimpse into the other world. He invited us into a place full of possibilities, love, and happiness. He gave us hope for the desires of our hearts.

He showed us what is possible when you live according to the laws of the unseen world. He showed us how this material world will bend to the will of your imagination. During the great depression, Walt Disney Studios exploded. Because while everyone focused on the darkness, Walt saw the light and created from his unseen reality and drew everyone into the light.

Do not be scared to blur the lines between reality and fantasy. Close your eyes to this physical world and open your inner eyes to the expansive reality of your imagination, then with a tenacity that moves mountains, bring that beautiful world back to us.

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