Charity Craig

When we started Lillian & Co., it began just as Disney inspired jewelry with quotes that would bring whimsy and magic into people’s everyday lives. It was meant to be fun and childlike, wrapped in adult packaging, but as Matt and I began to hammer out the details of our new business, we discovered something underneath all the magic and fun, there was this entire new level, new depth, a greater purpose etched into our bracelet cuffs — inspiration to live a greater life.

I believe this is why so many of us are drawn to the man Walt Disney and the fantasy world he created, because Walt is the epitome of a life well lived. Whether it’s the life of Walt, a childhood memory visiting a theme park, or one of his animated movies, we all find inspiration in what he created.

As great and legendary as Walt was, we know he found constant inspiration in his wife. She was there by his side before he was successful, and she was there by his side afterwards. It was her constant love and support that allowed Walt to do great things. So, to honor her, and the inspiration she brought to Walt, we named our company after Lillian Disney.

Our commitment to you is to always offer simple minimalist jewelry that will inspire you to keep dreaming, to continue pursuing the life you want, and to always remember you deserve the greatness you desire — without ever letting go of the magic.

Let our jewelry inspire you to become the legend of your own life.