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Charity Craig

Read more about the inspiration behind naming Lillian & Co.

I know you’re here to buy jewelry.

But I have a confession to make. I’m not passionate about jewelry. Before starting Lillian & Co., I wore one necklace from The Giving Keys with the word “Grateful” stamped on it and maaaaybe a pair of earrings if I was feeling extra.

I’m just that low key when it comes to fashion.

You want to know what I am passionate about? Pursuing a life that matters.

It all started in 2013 as I sat sobbing in my therapist’s office. After spending most of my life locked in my inner prison of fear, depression, and self-hate, I walked through a personal journey of healing that woke me up to all the possibilities life had to offer.

Life is short. It was time to live the life I had only dreamed about.

So, when I came up with the idea to sell stamped bracelets with fun whimsical quotes that we all already love, I knew I wanted there to be more meaning behind each piece. I wanted these products to help tell your story — kind of like my “Grateful” necklace helped tell mine.

It’s through owning and writing our stories that we create the life we dream about.

Yeah, you’re here to buy jewelry, but just know that I’m in the business of inspiration.

We package up hope, ship out special moments and memories, connect you to your past and remind you of your beautiful future. We help you tell your story.

You’re the hero of your own life. We’re just the accessories.


Read more about the inspiration behind naming Lillian & Co.