International Women’s Day 2018

As a woman business owner, I am sitting on the shoulder of so many phenomenal women who woke up to their power and worth and fought to be heard. I can stand strong in my gifts and strength without shame or apologies because so many strong and powerful women have united together and demonstrated how to […]

Dreamer Series: Health & Wellness with Jayne Williams

This Dreamer series is about entrepreneur women who, in spite of fear, doubt, and insecurities are pursuing the life of their dreams. This is about women who are working every day to become better versions of themselves, making magic in their life, and ultimately making this world a better place. The world needs to hear […]

Rising From the Ashes

Every so often a story brings tears to your eyes, causes you to pause and remember why you do what you do. This email from one of our customers, Stefanie, is one of those stories. Stefanie, along with so many others, has lost everything in the Northern California wildfires. Devastated by complete loss, Stefanie shares […]

Welcome, Cody, our Newest Team Member!

Help us welcome our newest Lillian & Co. Team member, Cody Board! As Lillian continues to grow, we’re so excited Cody has joined us to help create and maintain our visual content, through photography and videography, along with assistance with marketing and shipping out your orders! Matt is so happy that he’s not the only […]

Welcome Our Newest Team Member, Rachel

The last few months we’ve been overwhelmed with gratitude and joy at how fast we’ve grown. You guys continue to amaze us with your love and support. Lillian wouldn’t exist without you! With this amazing growth, the demand on our time has surpassed what Matt and I can give without affecting time with our kids and affecting our customer […]

What If You Don’t Have a Dream

Go, live your dream. And don’t worry, your dream doesn’t stink. But what if you don’t have a dream? For most of my life, I didn’t. When someone asked me to tell them about my hopes and dreams, I’d sort of stare off wondering if dreaming of my next meal counted. There are some people in […]