Go, live your dream. And don’t worry, your dream doesn’t stink. But what if you don’t have a dream? For most of my life, I didn’t. When someone asked me to tell them about my hopes and dreams, I’d sort of stare off wondering if dreaming of my next meal counted. There are some people in […]

There’s a great, big, beautiful tomorrow shining at the end of everyday. Today is all we’ve got to push up our sleeves and get to work making the life we want. We have the next 24 hours minus the 10 hours of sleep (hey! a girl needs her beauty sleep!) to do what we need with […]

Make a wish, and do as dreamers do.  Dreaming is easy. It’s the doing that’s hard, because it forces us out of our comfort zone and presents risks, so we tuck our dreams away for someday…one day…  And that day never comes. Now, don’t be too hard on yourself, we’ve all lived locked in fear. […]