I am beautiful, brave, enough, loved, worthy

We all have an inner narrative about ourselves. As young children, we believed in our pure and simple certainty, that we are brave, beautiful, and worthy of love, but as we grew, maybe our parents, friends or society began to influence the view of ourselves. over time we began to doubt our value. Quietly, slowly you started to rewrite your truth. You began to say you’re not worthy, beautiful or good enough, and you began to live according to this new truth.
Charity Craig, Founder CEO
I’m here to tell you; you don’t have to live with the negative story you tell yourself. You can change how you define who you are. The most powerful words in the spoken language are I AM because the words that follow are what defines you. Whether you speak negatively or positively about yourself, it’s true. So, what do you choose? What is your truth?
I am beautiful, brave, enough, loved worthy
Let our reversible I AM necklaces be your daily mantra, redefining you with your pure and simple truth. They are reversible because rewriting your narrative is a personal journey. As you’re working to believe that you’re brave, beautiful, or enough, wear your truth facing inward, close to your heart and i am outward. When you’re ready to declare your truth to the world, turn your necklace around and wear your word facing outward. What is your truth?
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