Half Marathon Bundle

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Our Half Marathon Bundle includes both our “13.1” and “I Can Go the Distance” bracelets in your choice of colors.

*Note: each bracelet can be purchased separately.

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Is it about finishing first or barely finishing? Is it about crossing the finish line or the journey? Is it about endurance or about speed? Is it about the mental strength or the physical strength? Is it about the medal or the personal satisfaction? Yes.

I Can Go The Distance

We all dream of that far off place -- the place where we feel valued, have purpose, and are happy. It’s this place in life where we can finally say, “This is where I’m supposed to be.” Oh, Dreamer, be strong! You will find your way to this place, and to be honest, it’s not that far off! Stay on track and never look back, because every mile will be worth your while!
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