The Greatest Bundle

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Our Greatest Bundle includes both our “This is Me” and “Rewrite the Stars” bracelets in your choice of colors.

*Note: each bracelet can be purchased separately.

100% money back guaranteed!!


1 x This is Me

You’ve learned to be ashamed of all your scars, so you hide away because the voices say you’ll never be loved just the way you are. Don’t let those voices break you down to dust, because you are glorious. You are a warrior. When the sharpest words come to cut you, make no apologies, and drown them out with, “This is who I’m meant to be! THIS IS ME!”

1 x Rewrite the Stars

Life dealt us our hand, and sometimes it feels like our luck is not in the cards. Fate pulls you miles away from the life you desire. But who can stop you, if you decide your destiny? Stop saying your hands are tied. What if you rewrite the stars? It’s up to you. No one gets to say what you get to be. So why don't you rewrite the stars and the world can be yours.
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